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Seattle Commissioning Club

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Seattle Commissioning Club


The Seattle Commissioning Club was founded in 2006 to commission classical music from established and emerging composers. 

Our inspiration was the Minnesota Commissioning Club, which pioneered this novel and personal approach to commissioning.  We have followed their advice to have "just enough people to fit comfortably around a dining room table.” Good food and wine, we’ve found, is extremely helpful in the decision making process because it isn’t easy for amateurs to decide what kind of music to choose, which composer, which instrument or even which musician to play the piece. 

It is truly exciting to help bring a new piece of music to life and it has been our pleasure and delight to listen to the composers and musicians talk to us about their work, their thoughts, and ideas. Our one stipulation for commissioning a piece of music has been to be able to meet with the composer while the work is in progress, just to be involved and informed.

Here is a short article about our group published in the Seattle Times after our first commission in 2008. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our experiences and lessons learned.  



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