Bold, energetic performances of works old and new

From the quietly dissonant opening of Play, the quartet draws on the behaviour and moods of children to create a charmingly uplifting – though never saccharine – suite of movements. Play quickly gathered momentum, with moments of tempestuous drama and folk-like dancing. The second movement, Concentration, opened with the kind of fiery, all-encompassing focus of children absorbed in a task before settling into something more meditative with violist Geraldine Walther’s warm tone supporting harmonics from Dusinberre. Friendship was full of spikey energy, while the fourth movement, Sleep, was a slow movement whose phrases expanded and contracted like the breath of a sleeping infant. The final movement,Running, was full of athletic energy, with a touch of Reich or Nyman in the motoring, repetitive gestures, the first violin part soaring over the locomotive trio.